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Saturday, May 15, 2004

The American Jewish Committe-A Brief Guide for the Perplexed
As the order of magnitude of the horrific events of September 11 sinks in and our nation implements its multifaceted military, diplomatic, and economic response, greater public attention is once again being paid to the Middle East – in the media, on college campuses, and elsewhere. Unfortunately, much of this discussion is misinformed and lacks historical context. This paper provides some perspectives and talking points, both historical and contemporary. It is not intended as an exhaustive examination of the subject matter. The case to be made on behalf of Israel is as strong today as ever. When presented with the facts, sensible people should instinctively grasp:

Israel’s 53-year-long quest for lasting peace and security

The real dangers faced by Israel, a tiny country no larger than New Jersey, in a tumultuous, arms-laden neighborhood

Israel’s unshakeable commitment to democracy and democratic values
The common enemies of extremism and fanaticism faced by Israel and the United States

Israel’s impressive contributions to world civilization in such fields as science, medicine, technology, agriculture, and culture – contributions that are even more remarkable given the country’s relative youth and its heavy defense burden.

Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies Ultimatum Urged To Pentagon Board (Washington Post)
A briefing given last month to a top Pentagon advisory board described Saudi Arabia as an enemy of the United States, and recommended that U.S. officials give it an ultimatum to stop backing terrorism or face seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States.

"The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot-soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader," stated the explosive briefing. It was presented on July 10 to the Defense Policy Board, a group of prominent intellectuals and former senior officials that advises the Pentagon on defense policy.

"Saudi Arabia supports our enemies and attacks our allies," said the briefing prepared by Laurent Murawiec, a Rand Corp. analyst. A talking point attached to the last of 24 briefing slides went even further, describing Saudi Arabia as "the kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent" in the Middle East.

Understanding Palestinian Terrorism
"When they will love their children more than they hate us, then there will be peace" - Golda Meir

Repubican Jewish Coaltion
The U.S.-Israel alliance is of tremendous importance to both countries. Israel is the only democracy in a region that is unstable and where rogue countries continue to be hostile to America. Israel is also the U.S.’s strongest ally in the War on Terrorism, and is in a unique position to facilitate the war effort in the Middle East, as well as share her extensive experience in battling terrorism domestically, militarily, and diplomatically. The evil and vicious September 11th terrorist attacks against the U.S. are indicative of the sort of terrorism Israel experiences every day.

Union of American hebrew Congregations-For the Love of Israel
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