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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Where We Stand On Israel

Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Israel's Right to Exist
In addressing the current conflict, we affirm Israel's right as a Jewish State to live in peace and security within recognized international borders. There is no other nation on earth whose right to exist continues to be laid open to question after over fifty years of statehood arrived at through international recognition. The lessons of history have shown only too clearly that the Jewish People has the right, the need, and the justification to return to its ancient land after nearly 2,000 years of statelessness and powerlessness and to be allowed to live in peace.
Read the rest of it at CCAR's Web site. It's somewhat weak for my taste.
We are deeply pained by the growing poverty and hunger within the Palestinian community. The current dire situation of Palestinians is largely a bi-product of Palestinian terror but the long-lasting occupation has contributed to the Palestinians' plight.
Boo hoo. Occupation? I have problems with that term.

This following is more to my liking.
We are also conscious of the fact that the plight of the Palestinians has repeatedly been exploited by various Arab states and potentates for their own political ends. Frequently, oil rich nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, have been prepared to finance terror against Israelis while doing little to better the lot of those they term their brothers.


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