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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Anti-Semitism in the Arab World (ADL)
The current profusion of anti-Semitic literature in the Arab world is far from a new-born phenomenon, having deep roots that go back to the rise of Nazism in Germany and the period following the Arab defeat in the 1948 war against Israel.

Islamic Anti-Semitism in Historical Perspective (ADL)(Requires Adobe Acrobat)

Damned If You Do Historians dare to criticize Islamic dhimmitude at Georgetown and pay a price (NR)
dhimmitude — the state of formal discrimination historically imposed on Jews and Christians living under Islamic occupation.

Arafat’s Legacy A case study in terror funding (NR)
The use of the illegal drug trade as a weapon was developed by the former Soviet Union as part of its unconventional warfare doctrine. The PLO simply added illicit drugs to its arsenal as another excellent source of funding. Other terrorist organizations — such as the IRA, the Basque ETA, Colombia's FARC, and radical Muslim organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda — have understandably followed suit.

Terror TV MEMRI brings English-speakers the world of Arab hate (NR)
MEMRI's website, which is updated daily, and their pamphlets and other materials, are invaluable, and should be read by every Westerner. Examplr: A woman from Muslim Woman Magazine interviews an Egyptian preacher, who tells mothers to "suckle their children . . . on stories that will sow hatred and loathing of Jews in the hearts of the next generation."

The Humanity Gap Palestinians and human dignity. (NR)
What Shawa does not seem to understand is that Palestinians cannot close the democracy gap before they close the humanity gap. Democracy is built on a fundamental respect for human dignity. It cannot coexist with the dehumanization of Israelis, which is what the justification of baby-killing is. Before Palestinians can recognize our right to exist as a nation, they must recognize the humanity of our children.

Telling It Like It Is The only process for peace. (NR)
Israel is not occupying Palestinian land. It is occupying disputed territory to which it has a substantial claim and which was never under Palestinian sovereignty, while trying in good faith to negotiate about the disposition of that land as required by Resolution 242.


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