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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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(MEPF) The Middle East Political Forum
You are cordially invited to join the Middle East Political Forum's email list. The Middle East Political Forum, in its third year is an organization with a substantial membership, which reaches out to Jews and others who express a deep-rooted love for Israel and her people. Our goal is to educate; to disseminate information about Eretz Israel, both historically and on current events. You are encouraged to post any relevant information as well as interact to the posts you read.

A Time To Speak
A monthly presentation of a theme relating to Israel and the Middle East -- past and present. The contents include current events, history, commentary. and excerpts from other published writings.

Ask Yenta - let's talk.
The purpose of this website is to allow interesting, fun, and informational interaction with everyone. Please feel free to share your wisdom, criticism, and ideas.

Boycott Watch
Detailed Information about boycotts against Israeli and Jewish products.

CRISIS: ISRAEL offers a forum for diverse viewpoints on the current conflict in Israel.

Cross-Currents: A Journal of Torah and Current Affairs
Free Torah and current affairs journal. Original essays on timely topics, plus reviews of Jewish, news, scientific, political journal articles - presented in a Torah context.

Current Viewpoint
Sister site to 'JewishComment,' this site examines Jewish affairs as well as Anglo-Jewish and Anglo-Israel relations. It also reports from the United States and comments on the Middle East. It features review of books and films and has an excellent link list to other Jewish-Israel-American current affairs sites. Its Editor, Carol Gould, is an accomplished TV producer and writer.

Dei'ah veDibur - Information & Insight
A window into the Jewish chareidi world in Israel and around the globe. News, comment and features about the issues that are at the forefront of current concern, the topics that are the focus of current debate and discussion.

GAMLA News & Views from Israel
Top political and military commentary on what is really going on in the middle east

Gilah Yisrael: End Bias Against Israel
A free, moderated organization which provides extensive resources and direction to activists dedicated to ending bias against Israel in World media.

Hesitation Before A Syrian Peace
Israel and Syria are back at the negotiations table. What do Israeli citizens think of the chances for Peace?

If I Forget You, O Jerusalem!
Inspiring articles encouraging Aliyah. A Jewish 'call to Arms' and prayer.



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