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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Jews for Conservative Politics

American Jews have been a bedrock of the Democratic Party for centuries, a trend which we believe is not only naive and misguided, but unwise. Liberals take the Jewish vote for granted in elections, and they should, because they are right. Such arrogance on behalf of the left and blind adherence by the greater Jewish community was the motivating factor behind the establishment of our organization.

Jews for Conservative Politics exists to work in educating not only American Jews, but all Americans, and all Jews, to recognize the other perspective, while at the same time attempting to bolster the ever growing Jewish base within the political right.

Through speaking events, dinners, and associations, JCP is attempting at Harvard to build and grow conservatism on campus, while expanding our efforts to other college campuses at the same time.

We are affiliated with Harvard Hillel and the Harvard Republican Club. While much of our leadership serves in some capacity within the HRC, our members are of all identifications and backgrounds, but all share a common goal: to spread the truth.


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